The Frozen Men


Falling gracefully,

Pure and white,

Fluttering, swirling,

In the night.


The approaching storm,

Foreshadowed by winds,

Brings the flurries,

Of little frozen men.


Landing cold and naked,

On a crystal blanket,

Form a magical union,

Between earth and heaven.


Shaman Elizabeth Herrera
Shaman Elizabeth Herrera

Shaman Elizabeth Herrera is a healer, poet, activist and author who writes life-changing books. Her stories encourage people to stretch outside their comfort zones and reexamine their own beliefs.

After losing her traditional faith in her early twenties, she searched for something to fill the void, eventually discovering Native American spirituality (shamanism). Through this spiritual practice, she unexpectedly became a catalyst for healing and miracles. These events led her back to a belief in a higher power.

Her great-grandfather was a full-blooded Apache, who raised her father. She was fortunate to know her great-grandfather. He smuggled sugar and flour from Mexico into Texas, exchanged gunfire with Texas Rangers and crossed paths with Pancho Villa.

She is the author of Shaman Stone Soup, Dreams of Dying and Earth Sentinels. Born and raised in Michigan, she now lives in North Carolina with her family.


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