Dreaming of Snow by Raiana Golden


Raiana Golden
Raiana Golden

Raiana Golden is an avid world traveler, observer, and experiencer of life. Having worn many hats, including professional yacht refinisher, teamster dispatcher, tech writer, salon owner and IT project manager, she is now exploring and sharing her life’s adventures and observations through her own writing.

Some favorite pastimes:

Pushing boundaries and perceived limits – challenging preconceived notions of what is possible. “A belief is a theory yet to be disproven” is her mantra. We all believed the world was flat until it wasn’t…

Exploring different cultures – micro and macro. Talking to people – anyone really – and learning about them. The bus boy in the alley with his cat in a tiny Japanese town, the lady with an odd, very specific drink order in the Caribbean, the old guy on a San Remo pier with an umbrella on a sunny day. Looking for the compelling in the not so obvious places.

And collecting shoes…

Raiana is currently working on a generational memoir based on the discovery of a collection of her mother’s handwritten poetry and travel journal 21 years after her death together with the carefully typed transcriptions by her grandmother – the working title is “The Inheritance.” You can enjoy more of her poetry, ruminations and travel stories at www.lumenhiatus.com.



  1. Your brilliance and tenderness comes through in Everything you do, Rai. Thank you for being such an important hero/artist to all of us, your avid and loving followers.

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