Laurie Frankel
Laurie Frankel


Laurie Frankel is a guest blogger for TreeHouse Arts. As a writer and humorist, Frankel knows pain is the root of all comedy and is thrilled her life is so damn funny. Her literary work has appeared in ShenandoahThe Literary ReviewSequestrum, North American ReviewBelleville Park Pages, Alaska Quarterly Review and New Orleans Review among others. Her books include “I Wore a Thong for This?!” and “There’s a Pattern Here & It Ain’t Glen Plaid.”: “. . . laugh-out-loud funny . . . great practical suggestions . . . A quirky, earnest guide to regaining self-esteem for the modern woman.” — Kirkus Reviews. She is the winner of the 2014 Time and Place Prize, Brittany France and the 2014 Walker Percy Prize in Short Fiction. Visit her blog at Frankely My Dear .


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