Haiku by Frances Pullin

The silence of snow
Brings a blanket of beauty
Lying in wait of you
Frances Pullin
Frances Pullin

Frances Pullin, Channel: As a child and young woman, Frances always joked that she was psychic when she “knew” things about others and about occurrences around her and her sphere of family and friends.  At 24, she was raising her two children, Michelle and Damon.  Her parents had a dinner party and ended the evening with a friend channeling. Needless to say, this was the beginning of many visits to psychics and many books purchased and devoured.

Divorced and remarried, Frances moved to California and then to Washington state where she created Kevin and Sean. In 1989, the family moved to Orange County, California where they have resided ever since. In 2003, after the untimely and unexpected death of her son, Damon, she found herself surrounded by psychic people and began to educate herself with endless classes by psychics in the area. Her meeting with Tim Braun, a loving medium took her further on her journey. People she had known for some time revealed their authentic selves to her and brought messages through to her from her son.

During this period of soul development, she became a channel herself. Her main channel is Amadeus and he is filled with teaching her to love herself, trust in herself, and to teach the world of that which she has learned. She has become a minister, a level II Reiki, and taken numerous other classes to keep her in balance and well-rounded with her studies.

In October of 2009, Frances began teaching beginning meditation classes and automatic writing in her home. After meeting with Serafina and Jerry Woods and doing a channeling session for them, she decided, unequivocally, that she would love being a part of the School of Multidimensional Healing.  Being with like-minded souls bring such joy and happiness that she knows she has been blessed by God energy and will teach others to know of her bliss.

For more information about Frances’ services, call (714) 904-8395 or visit her website at www.angels-healing-hearts.com


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