TreeHouse Arts’ Creative Writing Course at 50% Off Today

 Have you always wanted to take a creative writing class without having to enroll in college or invest a lot of time doing it? Perhaps you have great ideas for a story, but aren’t sure how to get them down on paper. Or maybe you’re already a writer and just want to sharpen your skills. With TreeHouse Arts’ new Introduction to Creative Writing course, you can learn the essentials of storytelling without making a major time commitment. The course includes everything you need to know about the basics of creative writing, including easy-to-follow lessons and fun exercises, with applications that can be used for both your fiction and nonfiction writing.

And if you and sign up today, you will receive 50% off of the total course cost. The special pricing is only for a limited time, however, so be sure and head over to the site listed below and register for the class today!


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