Poetry by Lynn White: It’s Raining Again, Rock Pool, and Weeping Mask

It’s Raining Again

The weather god doesn’t speak Welsh.

She’s tried.

She’s really tried.

She’s wept tears

of frustration.

She’s wept tears

of anger.

She’s wept tears

of sadness

that flow from the mountains

to the sea.

It’s the vowels

she finds hard.

And the consonants.

And the mutations.

And the way it’s spoken form


over the distance traveled

in the time it takes her

to make a small cloud

and a tiny puff of wind.

A tiny puff,

not enough to raise the cloud

above the mountains.

So it hangs in a sad, sullen mist.

Or blows in angry swirls.

And still

she tries.

She really tries.

She weeps tears

of frustration.

She weeps tears

of anger.

She weeps tears

of sadness.

Floods of tears.


Tears which fall

in cascades

from the mountains

to the sea

First published by Pilcrow and Dagger July 2017


Rock Pool

Just a small gap in the cliff side,

dry and bare,


Then in came the sea on a high


washing over it,

some staying



a little


of salt water,

full of living.

Like a pool of salty tears

filling the gap,

bringing it back to life


Tears can sometimes do that



Weeping Mask

The mask weeps

diamond tears,

turning ruby like

as the blood

flow starts.

Then black

like coal

as decay begins

and the mask


begins to crack,

to distort

and disintegrate,

to flake away,

to disappear.

As all masks will

in the end.


Until only

the tears


First published in Magnolia Review, January 2017


Lynn White

Lynn White lives in north Wales. Her work is influenced by issues of social justice and events, places and people she has known or imagined. She is especially interested in exploring the boundaries of dream, fantasy and reality. Her poem ‘A Rose For Gaza’ was shortlisted for the Theatre Cloud ‘War Poetry for Today’ competition 2014. This and many other poems, have been widely published in recent anthologies such as – ‘Alice In Wonderland’ by Silver Birch Press, ‘The Border Crossed Us’ and ‘Rise’ from Vagabond Press and journals such as Apogee, Firewords Quarterly, Indie Soleil, Midnight Circus, Light Journal and Snapdragon.


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