Poetry by Colin James: In All Fairness to Phantom Relatives

If you stare at an object long enough
it will get bored and leave.
Small talk has become basically useless
better known as corrective psychology.
also generic phrases like,
“Pass me that ammo, you dummy!”
DNA in inadvertence, we set off
in search of our reclusive great aunt
know only to mispronounce the word “cottage.”
Perhaps there are other rare family traits,
like at a young age her ear canals may have
blocked themselves growing a layer of skin.
Here is her composition of a reliable Rick List
nailed with ardor to the front door. She was not
able to spell that family name correctly either nor
semantically saturate it adequately to save us.
Colin James

Colin James has a book of poems forthcoming from Wundor Editions. He lives in Massachusetts.