Poetry by Michael Verderber: Cicadas and No Slumber


Hum of the air as it conditions,

The screech of a raptor

Hunting her prey

Set the precedence of

The creaking fingers of

The witch have solidified

Into branches.

I glance at the mark of a

Vainglorious youth clad

In dark blue socks

Her heart will break soon enough

And her ego will

Rest in peace

A boy bedecked in muscle sits

Observantly on the stairway,

Glasses ajar.

My locks dance the tango

Of wind in my eyes.

The glass reflects years of

History, prejudice, and

A bildungsroman.

This is a knoll of tears,

Joy, exuberance, and defeat.

Of the failing and of the passing

Cicadas hum the aesthetic

In trees and in halls,

The backdrop of impending years.

The mesquite tree twists to

Nature’s whim, her breath.

The same breath that lulls my hair to dance.


No Slumber

Khaki, brown, dark blue

it’s settled.

Faces as lost as I,

fighting off the nettle.


Minds stretched, settled



grab a rake


The eve leaves no slumber

The Empress bats an eye

all irises on her

whilst she sheds no tear


Oblivious is a virtue

one never knows

until the knowledge spreads

and the impatience grows


Stealing glances at my

broken heart

It’s pumping still, soft

acknowledging a start.


Michael Verderber received his B.A. in Theatre Arts and B.A. in English at Texas A&M-Kingsville. He completed his Master’s in English and currently teaches at Texas A&M Univ – Kingsville. He has worked on over 100 theatrical projects, including Zero Untitled Film Productions work. He has also been trained at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, England and received improv workshop training with The Hideout Theatre in Austin, TX.