The Generous Man and Nakedness: Poetry from Indonesian Writer Muhammad Dirgantara Esa Valentino Am

The Generous Man


I am a generous man

I have a mountain of sympathy


A vagrant baits my bucks

A pained bee stings my kindness out


Being generous, I donate and

organize donation for others


For the helpless, my eyes are ever cautions

For the homeless, my hands are more than ready


Of these, I tell the universe

not to boast, of course! but to inspire


I am the generous man

I wait for disasters to happen.




The eyes of sunlight cast

their glance upon a block

of ice while the glistening

body melts away.




What was once ice continues

to melt pleasurably as the sun,

through the window panes,

peeps at the chiseled body.


Muhammad Dirgantara Esa Valentino Am

Muhammad Dirgantara Esa Valentino Am has published his work in several newspapers and book anthologies in Indonesia. He has a BA in English from Sanata Dharma University and is currently preparing to further his education within the same subject.