Halloween Costume Idea: How to Make a Mask Using Supplies You Already Own

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to craft your own mask for that last-minute Halloween masquerade ball or raging party invite that’s been thrown your way, then you’ve come to the right place. With just a few simple steps using supplies you probably have lying around the house, you can whip up a creative mask in no time at all.







  • Cardstock, cardboard, or any type of thick paper
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Pencil or pen
  • Box cutter, scissors, or anything that will cut thick paper
  • Your choice of decorations: markers, crayons, stickers, material, artificial flowers, paint, feathers, jewels, beads, glitter, etc.
  • Ribbon or cord
  • Stapler, glue gun, paper hole puncher, or white craft glue
  • Wooden dowel, branch, or chopstick (for a hand-held mask vs. one that ties around your head)


Measure your face horizontally and cut out a piece of paper to fit the dimensions, allowing for extra space on each side.

Plan out what shape you want and draw it on the paper. If you’re not confident in your freehand drawing skills, you can always print out a design you find online and trace it.

Cut out the eye holes (and mouth, if you’re making a full-face mask) and the outside of the mask’s shape.






Decorate: glue on some beads, slap a few stickers on it, paint a leopard print across it, sprinkle it with glitter – whatever you want.









Cut two, foot-long pieces of ribbon or cord and attach them to either side of the back of the mask using a stapler or glue. Alternatively, you can punch holes at the top on each side, slip your ribbon through, and tie a knot. For a hand-held version, simply attach a dowel or some form of stick to one side of the back of the mask using staples or a glue gun.







Put it on your face and enjoy the holiday.