Halloween Edition Poetry: Hallucinations, Second Flight of Miss Emily’s Fly, and Spiderwebish by Chad M. Horn

Horrific hauntings unconventional
Ascending ill-spirited illusions
Lacking depth, as if nondimensional
Lacking wits/ hysterical confusings
Unable to draw foregone conclusions
Colliding colors with opaque coating
Night voices gloating with raspy throating
Apparitions and images floating
Troubled by taunting unheavenly ghosts
Interaction, (empathetic), worth noting
Off coast drifting, reluctant host engrossed
Neurological overload danger
Strange reality is getting stranger


timely fly arrives
unable to blink my eyes
where the buzz once was
where daydreams were relevant
where nightmares ended at dawn

where shadows danced jigs
where copulative stares dared
where light was processed
where trees dressed in bright colors
where summer was eternal

seasonal changes
unpredictable autumn
trees stripped bare-naked
expecing fly(s) to arrive-
light on my unblinking eye

Chapters end where graves begin


so simply ensnared
drawn/ sucked into her vortex
Venus Flytrap-like

I give blood freely
woven around her finger
silken obsession

some sticky situation
awaiting her kiss

Chad M. Horn is one of only two living recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Elizabeth Madox Roberts Society, (the other being fellow Kentuckian Wendell Berry). Horn serves as perennial emcee of Kentucky Writer’s Day events held throughout Kentucky.

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