Poetry by Edilson A. Ferreira: Our History and a Prayer, Fears, Feelings and Wants, and Blessed By Birth

Our History and a Prayer

Somewhere, sometime in the old East Lands,

in a spot relieved for four rivers, shadowed

by luxurious a garden, at royal a manor house

and by one sixth labor day, we awakened to life.

Made on the Creator’s likeness, by many years

we enjoyed His care and His love.

Once, on uncovering life secrets,

like good and evil,

our ancestors were banished,

then beginning

hard and harsh our toiling.

How long more will last our penalty?

When and where should we meet again?

Although heavy sternness demonstrated,

be aware many of us still venerate You,

and, some, still love.

We hope to see once more inhabited

that manor house where all has begun,

and, appeasing Your heart,

You disarm some cherubims’ flaming swords.


Fears, Feelings and Wants

There are certain weekends and holydays

when I feel myself somewhat insecure.

I worry if walking ghosts have not occupied

the void of empty streets and closed doors,

looking at me as an intruder or suspicious

on their ways.

I miss hearing the sound of hammers and

hoes, the strident come and go of saw blades,

the brushing of pens on paper or keyboards

being typed throwing feelings to the world.

I love the imprecations of painters and artists

when they can’t find the pure art they look for.

I love children screaming through the sidewalk,

running endless races only they are capable of.

I love the noise of people on streets and alleys,

corners and places,

jointly seeking to move hard wheels of time.

I love hearing someone making something,

even if it is the buzzing of bees.


Blessed By Birth

My accountant says that for each credit

there must be mandatorily one debit,

and next to the assets it must be shown

its corresponding liabilities.

Economists say there is no such thing

as a free lunch and that to each profit

will fatally correspond an equal loss.

So have been moved the heavy wheels

that carry our chariot through the ages.

But we know that our Creator’s accounts

do not close like this.

All of us are His lovely sons and His grace

covers and heals all days of our earthly life,

without any limitations and regardless of

our supposed right, merit, even faith.

We are His sons and His is this world,

ours the grace of so unquestioning love.


A Brazilian poet, Edilson A. Ferreira, 73, writes in English rather than Portuguese. Largely published in literary journals in print and online, he began his literary life at age 67, after his retirement as a graduate employee of a bank. Ferreira lives in a small town (Formiga – MG), with wife, three sons, and granddaughter. His first poetry book, “Lonely Sailor,” is scheduled for publication in 2018 by Olympia Publishers, London, UK. Has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, 2016.