Supporting Art in Education through Orange County’s Junior Art Exhibit

A World of Pain by Autumn Ricketts, Grade 4
Petal Portrait by Jessica Bui, Grade 10

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the Festival of the Arts and Pageant of the Masters events in Southern California. What I didn’t mention then was the Junior Art Exhibit that is also a part of their summer show.

Since 1947, the Junior Art Exhibit has included select art from over 300 Orange County students between the ages of Kindergarten to grade 12. The exhibit is impressive not only in the budding artistic abilities it portrays, but also because it calls attention to one of my passions: the importance of continuing art education in our school systems.

Take a look over some of the below works from California’s upcoming artistic major-leaguers and tell me if you’re as impressed and excited as I am about all of the talent coming from our future generations.

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Natasha Ganes, Co-founding Editor of TreeHouse Arts

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