Poetry: Back of Beyond by Dane Karnick

Back of Beyond
After the painting by Deborah Martin, 2012

The shadow of a dog’s tail
Hangs low as the horizon
Keeping away elsewhere

That fringe of mountains
Meant to discourage you
From traveling ahead

By anemic sand buffing
Under whatever stands
In the bleach of sunshine

Across land ignoring
This side of tomorrow
Through its arid mouth

Closing around you with
The mirage of open space
Devouring your escape

Against hourly heat
Following you like
A weary canine

Used to depravation
Among people who
Want to be neglected

Dane Karnick

Dane Karnick grew up by the Colorado Rockies and lives near Seattle.  His poetry recently appeared in Poppy Road Review, Here/There and Bookends Review. Visit him at www.danekarnick.com.