Poem: Temptation by Juliette Kim


That greedy desire to succeed was never ending

Ambitious yet brutal expectations set for me

Standards to live up to

Paths to follow and futures to fulfill dutifully


Stress led to the access of depressants

Sights started slowing,

Shifting so sluggishly

Eyes turned red like blood

Rebellious and reckless I became

I was a race car speeding and searching for new heights and thrills

This risky, careless behavior got out of hand

The distractions were no longer a game

The cards being played with were dangerous


Attracted to Hades wicked charms and secrets

But like Persephone and Demeter

I was brought back by my mother


It was the crashing of waves pounding and fighting against the cliffed coast

It was the soft rain pouring silently to wash and renew

It was the gloomy, grey sky with a ray of sunshine poking through


Juliette Kim

Juliette Kim likes to play the drums every weekend. She is a thrill seeker with a thirst for excitement. You can find her jetting through the waters or zip lining through jungles in Hawaii.