Poem by Tiffany Lam: Insecurities


Broad shoulders made my insecurities much worse than it was.

Adding more weight from the world made them stronger

As well as making it easier for me to cope with the pain pressing me down


Trusting is my fear

Scared to reveal it all

Worried they would run before I reached the finish line

Trusting myself to only a few


My reflection was my main enemy

Looking into the mirror

I saw the flaws that weren’t even there.

Flaws that could only be seen in my mirror


Hidden behind a mask of makeup

Applied everyday

Removed throughout the day

To reveal the scars underneath

To show to impurities


Broaden shoulders to hold the weight

Trusting is my fear

Smashing mirrors to hide my reflection

Makeup was the getaway


Tiffany Lam

Tiffany Lam has a fondness for tropical islands not found on any map. She was trained at a young age to stand in her toes, which is needed in every photo taken. Her T-Rex arms makes her impossible to reach the top shelf of anything.