Poem by Ezekiel Soriano: Wars Within

Wars Within

I had the audacity—

I did not want the conformity

and the comfort of being ordinary,

but it was not optional.


Consider me an awkward teenage soldier

being allied with other lone wolves,

fighting wars against the screaming armies,

of our own inner psychotic voices.


I — who yearned the aesthetic triumphs,

who yearned the places where

thank you’s and you’re welcomes ran wild,

grew into the leader of the pack.


In the final battle through the woods,

I considered myself Thoreau,

I guided with my own self-reliance,

Craving R.W. Emerson within.


Ezekiel Soriano

Ezekiel Soriano is currently determined to create music and writings who craves a world where thank you’s and you’re welcome’s run wild. He can be found listening to beats with a melodica in hand walking on the opposite sidewalk. He always has a force field surrounding only him, keeping away others’ judgements as if he’s the guardian of his own galaxy.