Poetry: Waves of Plastic and The Stranded Whales by Cohl Warren-Howles

Waves of plastic

You’ve finished your meal, the food was fantastic
With fish in its sauce, along with the plastic
Your plate is now empty, which you move to one side
It was catch of the day, just in with the tide.

Marine animals often mistake plastic for food
As they swim in the water, it could be viewed
As plankton, or weeds, or shoals of small fish
But its micro-beads and bags, a real toxic dish

Over 400 years, these plastics can last
How short our wasteful lives in contrast
This poisonous waste taints the sea floor
And can rise on the currents and come home ashore

From shampoos and shower gels and whitening toothpaste
And cleansers and makeup, contribute to waste
In this throwaway world of ours, the list just goes on
Won’t we take notice, until our sea life has gone

Less than five percent of plastics, are recycled worldwide
This is the reality, of which we can’t hide
Our single use bottles and packaging litter
Should disgrace us completely and make us feel bitter

Whilst we watch it all, spiral out of control
Do none of think that mankind has a role
To stop this pollution, before it reaches the sea
Recycling and re-using, just could be a key

And now we are finding it’s in our food chain
Will it affect our organs, our health and our brain
Toxicity comes from mercury, cadmium and lead
Causing birth defects, cancers, it’s got to be said

So as individuals, what part can we play
As we reportedly use a half pound every day
We have to be willing, to look past our denial
And for our environment, we need to stand trial

We could use our bottles, more than one time
Which in itself, is a disgrace and a crime
So let’s be responsible and not make a fuss
Otherwise our negligence, will come back to haunt us.


The Stranded Whales 

It has been recorded, throughout our history
But it still remains a mystery
Why these leviathans, of the deep water
Come to land and then to slaughter
Themselves, as their numbers rise
And we can only watch their demise

As frequently, we witness with concern
Their inability, to return
To deeper waters, to feed
So therefore we should heed

As these beasts, come ashore to perish
And we should then learn, to cherish
These mighty creatures, of our seas
And listen well, to their pleas

Are we responsible, for the cause
As to why they come, close to our shores
Is it due to underwater seismic surveys
And low frequency sounds, that plays

In interfering with their echolocation
Could certainly be, one explanation
Is it the accumulation of our daily waste
That we dispose of, in our haste

And pollutants, chemicals, acids and gas
That brings them ashore, en masse
The US Navy, plans to deploy
Seismic sonar, which may destroy

These animals, that have no notion
In over eighty percent, of their ocean
Or is it changes, to the earth’s magnetic fields
As the pressure, it therefore yields

Upon these disorientated mammals, of the deep
As they follow each other like sheep
Or are our military ships to blame
As they collide and continue to maim

So they come to shore and die
In their numbers, they’re forced to lie
Or are they fleeing, from a shark attack
And these social creatures, follow the pack
If one of their kind, signals distress
Instinct forces them to coalesce
Their water is derived, from their food
Therefore one can also conclude

That if their food, is in short supply
They will dehydrate and woefully die
So whilst it was not rare, at Farewell Spit
We all have to help, you have to admit

As the volunteers, formed a human chain
To encourage them to stay, in their domain
Those who helped, could hear their sighs
And their splashes and their youngsters cries

As on the sloping beach, they lay
Just beyond, the ocean’s spray
So with its long coastline and gentle beach
Their echolocation, did not reach

The object, which was the shoreline
Which would of course, be their sign
To not enter into waters shallow
To just become, decaying tallow

There is no answer, or definite reason
Why this devastation, seen this season
Is down to humans, as is normally the case
Or just the behaviour, of this incredible race.



Cohl Warren-Howles

Cohl Warren-Howles’ bio:

Present happenings, in the nations of our time
Realist, idealist, I put my thoughts in rhyme.
In this world of changes, that moves so very fast
I try and capture things before they have passed.

I’m the author of a book, it’s called The Silent Scream
And I’m working on my second, a very different theme.
I’m a lover of images, especially black and white
But it’s the current world affairs of which I write.

Visit her blog at: https://currentlyinrhyme.wordpress.com