Poetry by James Piatt: Universality and A Softer World


Pain has no religion
Poverty has no nation
Disaster has no country

All colors of eyes have tears
All colors of skin feel pain
All colors of people feel sorrow

Every human has dreams
Every human has hopes
Every human has needs

All people hunger and thirst
All people dream and hope
All people yearn for love

Every creature is our brother
Every creature is our sister
Every creature needs others

We are all together
In this small lonely
Place called earth


A Softer World

When I am searching for
respite from dark days,
and my mind is burdened
with the omens of a dim
future, and the mountains
are filled with thunder, and
foreign deserts with
rebellious cruelty, and the
airways are bursting with
arrogant voices filled with
lies and ego, I often lose hope.

But then I dream of a
softer world, where the
balmy summer sun shines
on green leafed trees,
covering a dusty deer path
leading to a flowered
meadow laced with
colored wildflowers that
waft gentle perfumed
aromas into the silent air,

And I dream of apricot
tinted hillsides where the
warm loam holds tall
succulent grass for deer,
and the fragile moments
have no fear of the
darkness hidden in the
minds of haughty men,
with their deceits oozing
like blood from an open
wound tainting the minds
of the naïve,

And I dream of the eternal
blue tide which rushes to
shore and washes away
my anguish, and magically
replenishes my brain with
briny promises of a better
world as the voice of
infinity reshapes the din of
battle and replaces it with
a soft silence, where
people live in harmony.


*Universality was previously published by Word Catalyst Magazine

Dr. James G. Piatt has had poems nominated for Pushcart and Best of Web awards, and his poems have been published in The 100 Best Poems of 2015 & 2014 Anthologies. He has won poetry awards, was interviewed as a featured poet in numerous magazines, and has published 3 poetry books: “The Silent Pond” (2012), “Ancient Rhythms” (2014), and “Light” (2016), and 850 poems in over 90 different magazine, anthologies, and poetry books. His books are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.