How Life Works: Poetry by Mariel Norris


How Life Works
We sleep on beds with legs
instead of moss on the ground
where soil soothes dreams.
We rake leaves.
We do not leave them to decompose and recompose
like jigsaw pieces rebuilding Earth.
We mow lawns and keep them strictly green
even though so many other colors exist. Some deluded soul
once said that grass surpassed monarchs and milkweed.


Mariel Norris
Mariel Norris 

Mariel Norris lives in the Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts in an apartment filled with cacti, crystals, and poetry books. She teaches special education and sneaks poetry lessons into the curriculum whenever possible. A Bard College graduate, she received the Academy of American Poets Prize for Bard in 2013. You can find her Spanish poetry in La voz and English poetry in Slink Chunk Press.