Visual Art by Heinz Sterzenbach

Heinz Sterzenbach is a painter who creates realistic views of Berlin and its surroundings as well as figurative, abstract, and surrealistic pictures: self-willed dream figures (men, animals, sculptures, rock formations, etc.) Strange and bewitched creatures come into existence, which defy description. These magical, surrealistic images have a suggestive effect on the spectator. By different techniques like frottage, decalcomany, imprimitation etc. structures come into existence, which Sterzenbach assembles into fantasy figures, without having an exact imagination of what is emerging. It is quite a different world where you have to engage in as a spectator. He developed a new technique called ferroprints, which could be a contribution of “Green Art” as it uses scrap metal for art and water colors. This technique allows Sterzenbach to let the nature work for him; at the same time he recycles iron scrap and uses less colors so that the environment is less polluted by the production of color. For further information about the artist, visit his blog at: