Poetry by Neil Ellman: Lost in the Stars VII

Lost in the Stars VII

(after the etching by Volker Hüller)
Somewhere between Betelgeuse
and here
wherever here is
or was
I, a quantum particle, am lost,
a tumbling scrap of infinity
without a name
or home to call my own.

I am lost in the chaos of the stars
(themselves as lost as me)
seeking its moment
in a constellation fixed
with a shape and name its own
wherever, whatever, whenever
it may be.

I am as lost as they
and they as me
as we plummet and collide
in the empty silence
of the after-life.

Neil Ellman
Neil Ellman

Neil Ellman is a poet from New Jersey. He has published numerous poems, more than 1,000 of which are ekphrastic and written in response to works of modern and contemporary art, in print and online journals, anthologies, and chapbooks throughout the world.  His most recent chapbook is Of Angels & Demons: The Art of Paul Klee as Poetry (Flutter Press, 2016).