Poetry by Corin Porter: Ode to a Pebble

Ode to a Pebble

Of mountains past
Broken bits of
Reduced to scree
To gravel

Reminder of mortality
To the highest peaks –
You can and will
Be brought low,
Crushed, crumbled
A slave riding
Shotgun in a chariot
Behind a Roman general

As many shapes
And forms
As there are
Individual stones
Littering the earth
No two
Quite the same

Tumbled, polished
By wear
The constant grinding
Movement of earth
Against earth

Or fragmented,
Sharp edges
Jagged like teeth
On a saw,
Diamond pointed
Cutting, slicing, separating

The minute texture
A landscape
Within itself
Reflecting the nature
Of a stony soul

Colors beyond
A million minerals
Shot through
A stone of mere

Quartz in varied aspects
Rose, distinct and separate
From pink,
Smoky, blue, green
Even colorless
Venturing past to
Exotic amethyst
And agate

Reflecting light on
Tumbled smooth faces
Or angular facets
To bring out
Every color within


Corin Porter
Corin Porter 

Corin Porter graduated from Chapman University in May 2013 with an MA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing. He graduated from Boston College after three years with a BA in English and a minor in History. His paper “The Panoptic Effect of You-Know-Who” was accepted and presented in May 2013 at an academic conference hosted by the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Corin now teaches literature and creative writing at Cheshire Academy.



  1. Dear Natasha:

    An Ode To A Pebble by Corin Porter is a wonderful poem, I enjoyed it tremendously.

    James G. Piatt

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