Poetry by Bobbi Sinha-Morey: Mother's Day 2014 and Nightingale

Mother’s Day 2014

I’m like a caregiver for my
mother, now eighty-eight,
sitting with her at the dining
table overlooking the lake,
spoon-feeding her cottage
cheese with fruit—grapes,
bananas, and blueberries.
She barely sees, hardly
remembers me, but sometimes
she opens wide like a baby bird,
taking spoon in and all, then
chewing with slow deliberation
as if regarding each new bite
with suspicion. I put before her
a bouquet of flowers, knowing
full well she may never see
another Mother’s Day. Today
her hair is coiffed so nicely
by the lady who comes in every
Friday. I let her see the lovely
card I’d given her, her fingers
trembling over its edges as if
she can’t see the words very
well. I read what they say,
hoping they reach her beating
heart; by the look in her eyes
she’s in another world. I pull
up the thick red quilted silk
round her shoulders to keep
her warm, and together we
look out the bay window,
into the dusky sky, fireflies
dancing above the water.
For my mother time unwinds
itself like a falling spool
all around her.



Often in the tangled
boughs of the jasmine
tree a nightingale sings
her poignant melodies,
her joyous sounds carried
through the evening. In
the candlelight of my home
thoughts of you return to me,
and they pepper my dreams.
To this day memories of you
have never flown away from
me: the table inside your
gazebo where we’d eat
patisseries, your eyes that
reflected the blueness of sky,
the aperture fever of telescopes
and constellations. We’d sit
patiently outdoors while each
of us and our husbands revelled
at the stars in the cool breeze.
The peace we had was lit up
by songs and vibrant strings.
Tonight you’ve woven
time into my heart while
the nightingale flies, singing
a sweet elegy, and she cries.


Bobbi Sinha-Morey
Bobbi Sinha-Morey

Bobbi Sinha-Morey is a poet who lives in the peaceful city of Brookings, Oregon. Her poetry can be seen in a variety of places such as Plainsongs, Pirene’s Fountain, Bellowing Ark, The Laughing Dog, The Path, and others. Her books of poetry are available at www.writewordsinc.com. and her website is located at http://bobbisinhamorey.wordpress.com. In addition, her work has been nominated for Best of the Net.