The Art of Idyllwild

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By  Natasha Ganes

A month or so ago, a friend and I decided to spend the weekend up in the mountains of Idyllwild, California. Elevation: 5,413’, population: slightly less than that. We knew nothing about the town other than it seemed like the perfect remote place to rent mountain bikes and careen down the side of the San Jacinto Mountains while attempting to avoid injury. Did we worry we would have nothing else to do once we had gotten our adrenaline rushes out of the way? Not really, considering we were bringing along copious amounts of wine and the place we planned to stay resembled a tree house and came with a hot tub. If nothing else, we could drink too much and nurse our soon-to-be damaged limbs in the outdoor spa while gazing at the stars we can never see in the city.

Turns out we did all of those things, but to my surprise (and delight, obviously) we also discovered that Idyllwild is a seriously hip town hiding a wealth of talented artists. In fact, upon researching the town after our trip I discovered their arts foundations and programs began over 60 years ago and include everything from galleries and cinema to music and dance.

Check out the images below to get a taste of what Idyllwild’s art scene has to offer and if you’re ever in the Southern California area be sure to give them a visit. Also, for the record, I’m responsible for the yellow/orange cats in the top left side of the Art in the Park Idyllwild mural. I know, I know, I’m crazy talented.

Like what you see? Visit the websites to some of Idyllwild’s artists:

Everitt’s Minerals & Gallery

MazAmar Art Pottery

Jan Jaspers-Fayer

Kathy Harmon-Luber

Shanna Robb

Richard Stergulz

Info on the Idyllwild Deer Sightings