Poetry: Sweet Heart and Turning to Ice by Lynn White

Lynn White

Sweet Heart

He’d seen it glint earlier
when a shaft of light hit
the open box.
He kept watch till they left.
Back now, still watchful.
Turn his head this way,
then that.
No cats.
No humans.
Upturned the box
and seized his prize
glinting gold among the dull
browns and creams.
Carried it off.
Then carried it home,
a home now fit for his new lover,
his sweet heart.
But he didn’t unwrap it.
Didn’t discover the greater prize
lying under the surface glitter.
Didn’t find the jewel
of sweetness in the centre.
Soon life dulled the surface glitter,
screwed it up.
And the sweet heart
melted in the warmth,
Melted into sticky goo.
Melted away as
sweet hearts do.


Turning to Ice

Snowflakes lit by sunbeams
blowing gently,
fragile as shadows
making rainbows in the sun.
Smiling in the soft light.
So soft.
So soft.
Catch them quickly in your hair
to melt them.
Time has past and
they’re already harder now,
even though the sun
is still shining and smiling.
Blindingly bright.
Crunchy crystals.
glistening still.
Shining like diamonds,
but harsh
in the sunlight
while it lasts
Cooler now as
the light starts fading.
The surface is melting.
Shiny where the sun
still catches,
but fading,
giving way to ice.
Losing its smile.
And we’re skidding, sliding
beyond control.
slipping away,
blinded by tears of ice.


Sweet Heart first appeared in Harbinger Asylum Literary Review, October 2015. Turning to Ice first appeared in Metaphor, issue 4, 2015.


Lynn White
Lynn White 
Lynn White lives in north Wales. Her work is influenced by issues of social justice and events, places and people she has known or imagined. She is especially interested in exploring the boundaries of dream, fantasy, and reality. Her poem A Rose For Gaza was shortlisted for the Theatre Cloud War Poetry for Today competition in 2014 and has since appeared in several journals and anthologies. Her poems have also recently been published in anthologies, including Harbinger Asylum’s “To Hold A Moment Still”; Stacey Savage’s “We Are Poetry, an Anthology of Love poems”; Community Arts Ink’s “Reclaiming Our Voices”; Vagabond Press’, “The Border Crossed Us”; “Civilised Beasts” from Weasel Press; “Alice In Wonderland” by Silver Birch Press and a number of rather excellent  online and print journals. Follow her on Facebook or at lynnwhitepoetry.blogspot.com