New Poetry by James G. Piatt

Ancient Rhythms by James G. Piatt

They Remind Me of You by James G. Piatt

An Evening Stroll by James G. Piatt


Light by James G. Piatt
Light by James G. Piatt 

Dr. James G. Piatt has had poems nominated for Pushcart and Best of Web
awards, and his poems have been published in The 100 Best Poems of
2015 & 2014 Anthologies. He has won poetry awards, was interviewed as
a featured poet in numerous magazines, and has published 3 poetry
books: “The Silent Pond” (2012), “Ancient Rhythms” (2014), and “Light”
(2016), and 850 poems in over 90 different magazine, anthologies, and
poetry books. His books are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.



Light: A Collection of Poems by James G. Piatt
In his third poetry collection with Broken Publications, James G.
Piatt takes us on a journey through life, death, the afterlife, love,
devotion, the world, humanity, and beauty in the way that only this
poet can. With striking prose and vivid metaphors, this collection
offers readers imaginative and thought-provoking introspection
accentuated by beautiful, lucid imagery. In the book, you will find
the following poems originally published by TreeHouse, An Exhibition
of the Arts:
“An Observation,” “The Orchard Garden,” “Love Danced,”
and “The Last Voice of Sanity.” “Light” is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.