Visual Poetry by Sarah Cavallaro

THAT WAS NEW YORK by Sarah Lee Cavallaro


THAT WAS NEW YORK by Sarah Lee Cavallaro
That Was New York by Sarah Cavallaro
Sarah Lee Cavallaro
Sarah Cavallaro

Throughout 25 years of international film production, 20 as Emerald Film’s president and executive producer, Sarah Cavallaro has established a reputation as a skilled ex- producer, with a keen eye for developing talent and projects.

She built a highly acclaimed international production company, executive producing for leading American, Canadian, and European film makers, winning many prestigious awards (Clio’s and Mobius) and creating powerful and award-winning commercials for such leading advertisers as Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Ford, and Budweiser.

Her strong understanding of what the marketplace needs inspired her to develop several screenplays, including Fresh Girls, based on the novel by Evelyn Lau, and Slap, The Killers Dance, and Dusty, written by the artist/filmmaker, Cosimo Cavallaro.

She produces all of the highly popular art installations and documentaries for artist Cosimo Cavallaro, including Cheese House, Twiggy In Cheese, Absolute Pressed Ham, Cheese Room, Chocolate Jesus, and Love Your Bean, which can be seen at:

Her novel Dogs Have Angels Too won an Indie reader/Discovery award for Best in Women’s Fiction. You can learn more about the novel at: Dogs Have Angels

Her poetry and short stories have been published in many anthologies, including Spring Street Press, Lipstick Pages, Shampoo, Mom Egg Press, Gold Wake Press, Sage Trail Press, and Manitou Publishing. She is a former member of the Actors Studio Directors/Writers lab and former member of the Directors Guild of America.

Contact the artist at or (212) 473-1500.