New Detroit Hip Hop by Recording Artist Phat Allen

Phat Allen and BRAD
BRAD and Phat Allen
BRAD and Phat Allen

Referring to himself as “just a normal kid with big dreams,” Caleb Decker, a.k.a. Phat Allen, is from the northwest Detroit suburbs. He collaborates with a large circle, including the groups Midwest Dream Team and Odd Squad. The musicians all live in the same neighborhood and Decker thinks of them as “ghetto street skater-type people” defining a “new generation of hippies and punks combined.”  For music inquiries, Decker can be reached at:

Listen to his recent beats here:

Get It, Got It

Land of the Free


Live and Learn (freestyle)


Summertime Blues 

Dig Deeper 

Basement Banger Mix Tape by Odd Nigga P

BRAD and Phat Allen
BRAD and Phat Allen