Behind Closed Doors: The Private Art Show Series of ValleyCrest Design Group

Dance of the Cave Painters by Mark Jacobucci
Untitled by Debby Bloom
Untitled by Debby Bloom

By Natasha Ganes

Once again, ValleyCrest Design Group outdid themselves: just half a year after their last private art show, they put together another one and as you can likely guess, the results were amazing. This time though, they changed it up a bit and featured artwork from both their talented staff and a select few outside artists.

The show presented everything from works of horticulture (including a few orchids from Dana Seelig, whose total collection is between 350-400) and landscape photography slide shows, to pieces of furniture and a community sand art project table. The guru of urban community gardening, Ron Finely, was even present. If you don’t know him, you can find out more about his work here:

Just like last time, the Southern California studio kept the doors closed to the public and invites to a minimum. That’s right – most of you still can’t get inside, but I tried my best to snap as many shots of the work as I could in order to share the experience with all of you.

We’ll be interviewing some of the show’s artists here on TreeHouse in the upcoming weeks, so be sure to follow the site and check back often. And I promise that if the studio ever does decide to open their shows to the public, you’ll read about it here beforehand. In the meantime, have a look at some of the featured works below and take comfort in knowing great works of art are being created all around you. Even if you don’t always get to see them.



  1. Thanks, Tasha! I will make sure to share and post the heck out of it! Very cool to see my watercolor trees way up at the top. I feel so lucky to have received one of the coveted invites to the VCDG show—and the food— oh my!

    • It was excellent to meet you, Debby, and we can’t wait to feature more of your work on the site. Thank you for supporting the site!

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