Poetry by James Piatt

Read James Piatt’s poems “The Herb Garden ,” “Nature’s Tranquility” and “The Ocean’s Tide” here: Poetry by James Piatt

Two of Dr. Piatt’s relatives, John James Piatt and Sarah Morgan
Bryan Piatt, were prolific poets in the mid-eighteen hundreds. Their
poems inspired many of his themes, and much of his style of poetry. He
has had 2 poetry books, The Silent Pond (2012) and Ancient
Rhythms (2014), and over 620 poems published. His poem, “I Am” was
nominated for a 2014 Pushcart award, “The Night Frog” was nominated
for best of web 2013, his poem, “In the Meadow” was selected as 1 of
the 100 best poems of 2014, and his poem “Teach Me” was awarded the
poem of the year award at Long Story Short in 2014. His books are
available on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.