Original Artwork by John Chapman (Part II)

"Soul Eclipse" by John Chapman
"Native Ascension" by John Chapman
“Native Ascension” by John Chapman

When TreeHouse asked artist John Chapman about his background and artistic philosophy, he explained, “Born and raised in the state of Connecticut, my field of expertise is Marketing. During this pursuit, I have had the privilege to work with many graphic design artists and grasp each individual’s ability to create their own designs, and hence, reveal their perception of the world around them.”

"Soul Eclipse" by John Chapman
“Soul Eclipse” by John Chapman

Chapman described his creative process: “Within the Adobe application, I create blocks of colors and through the use of various tools, I create my artwork on my computer. Each piece is created to provoke an instant response by the use of bold combinations of colors and subject matter. More important, each piece is created to evoke a personal or social emotional response. Through the use of movement and symbolic suggestion,  each design is dedicated to reveal a specific moment in time and also allow the viewer to rediscover the piece by finding subtle layers developed within each piece every time it is viewed. In essence, each design is predicated upon finding or revealing something new. In this way, the artwork remains alive and deepens the relationship between the subject matter and the person viewing the piece.”

Artist John Chapman
Artist John Chapman

Chapman also revealed, “I am proud to be a Native American and part of the Mohegan Tribe. My designs are created from within with only one foot firmly entrenched in reality. The other foot is just busy playing.”

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