Book Review: Danielle Soucy Mills’ Illusion of an Ending

By Natasha Ganes

Illusion of an Ending by Danielle Soucy Mills

A warning about this post on Danielle Soucy Mills’ novel Illusion of an Ending: it’s not entirely impartial. I helped edit Mills’ novel, have interviewed her in the past, and wrote an endorsement (see below) for the front of the book. In other words, it’s probably evident you’re not going to read anything other than praise for the writer here.

Illusion of an Ending revolves around the lives of three people who find themselves unexpectedly connected to one another: A teenage girl who possesses the unwanted ability of communicating with spirits is pushed into the difficult position of helping a young, recently deceased man try to reach his skeptical, grief-stricken mother from the afterlife.

I always enjoy Mills’ writing and thought her new novel did a great job of delving into some rather interesting subjects: metaphysics, spirituality, life after death, interconnection. However, I was most intrigued by the underlying theme of acceptance found throughout Illusion of an Ending. Acceptance of personal loss, acceptance of others, acceptance of self, and acceptance of the things we don’t (or refuse to) understand – all of these ideas are approached in the book. For me, it was the universally-understood matter of our struggle to accept found within the work that made it both relatable and gripping.

But don’t let me tell you what to think. Buy the book here at Amazon, read it for yourself, and share your comments below – I would love to hear what you thought of it!


My official endorsement of the book:

Illusion of an Ending is a must-read for anyone interested in discovering the compelling and mysterious regions that silently wait for us outside of our daily comfort zones. Danielle Soucy Mills does an excellent job of taking us through the dark as she whispers the strange secrets of life’s synchronicities and invites us to explore the borders between inner and outer worlds.”

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Danielle Soucy Mills


Danielle Soucy Mills is the award-winning author of children’s book, Tina Tumbles and Visionary & Metaphysical novel, Illusion of an Ending. She developed a passion for writing from a very young age, knowing in her heart that one day she would become an author. Danielle studied English and creative writing at Rhode Island College, before moving to California to earn her M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Chapman University. She enjoys writing books for both children and adults which inspire, encourage, and delve into our Divine purpose for being. Danielle has made guest appearances on The Nancy Ferrari Show on iHeart Radio, The Writer’s Divine Den Radio Show, and has been featured in Bellésprit Magazine. Danielle currently resides in San Diego with her wonderful husband, Jesse, and her ever-growing collection of books.