Poetry by Atri Majumder

Atri MajumderAtri Majumder resides at Kolkata, India. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in English Literature from the University of Calcutta. He has two published anthologies-Shadow of Light (2012) and Visible Infinity (2014).



Faint Glitter
Whenever you came into the light
You thought you were beautiful;
And the light bonded with the future,
You flickered around it.

The spring revealed the winter,
While you were receding
Back to the shores of desire-
The desire for an unadulterated light.

A yawn of the memory,
A rekindled cigarette.

Visible silence
Of the telephone.

An interrupting solitude.

The crooked mirror:
Arranging distortion.

A distant present:
Resting cautiously.