Photography by Jason Clemens

The Shot
Jason Clemens
Jason Clemens

A couple of events in recent history have helped shape my budding hobby of photography. First, three and a half years ago I became a father in my mid-thirties and I feel that it defined my focus and outlook on life. Second, last year a friend suggested that I create an Instagram account and I immediately found a vast world of creative, like-minded people sharing the beauty that they enjoyed every day. I slowly began my first foray into social networking and it proved to be addictive, while also providing a powerful outlet of creative energy that had been building for decades.

In a little over a year my account has grown considerably and I have been able to share some photos from my past, while continuing to explore my surroundings and share pictures from my travels around my home state of Michigan. I have used some editing tools while getting the most from my limited equipment of a point and shoot Olympus and iPhone. I have managed to capture some images that I am proud of while working an awful lot on a career that is not quite as enjoyable as taking and posting pictures all day.

I was thrilled and humbled to learn that an artist’s community sought my contribution to their aesthetic collection, as it allows me to expand my audience further and connect with people with similar passions.

You can follow Jason’s work on Instagram at jackattack31011