Life Is Beautiful, Indeed

By Australian street artist, Fintan Magee

By Natasha Ganes

At the end of October, I attended the three-day Life Is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas, NV, and can now say with all certainty that it’s my new favorite music fest. Only to refer to it as a music festival is not entirely accurate, considering it’s so much more than that and what makes it brilliant is not the music at all, but the art and atmosphere. Don’t get me wrong, the bands were great (The Roots, Jenny Lewis, Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, Fritz & the Tantrums, The Flaming Lips, Broken Bells – you get the idea), but what really makes this festival work is the scene’s overall groovy vibe and street art courtesy of worldwide urban artists.

If Life Is Beautiful stands out from similar events, it’s with good reason: the festival was created as a community program designed to connect those who wish to spread inspiration, raise awareness on social issues, and share the overall contagious hope that life really is beautiful.

Here is a place where the glitter body art is free, the food is so good the specialty trucks have lines a half hour long, babies wearing headphones are strapped to the chests of every fifth guy in the crowd, toddlers in fairy costumes weave in and out of the bathroom line, everyone you bump into is your new smiling friend, you can watch live televised cooking demos given by famous chefs in between bands, the Dos Equis-sponsored masquerade lounge gives away scorpion suckers and bacon/cheddar-flavored dried crickets, people dressed as autumn trees wobble around on stilts, and the sides of almost every building are adorned with colorful, life-sized paintings.

I took some shots of a few of my favorite street art pieces from the festival. For more images from the event and information on how to get into next year’s show, head over to the Life Is Beautiful site and found out what makes this festival worth attending.