Take a Sneak Peak into ValleyCrest Design Group's Private Art Show

Ellipse Progression at the Great Park by Mark Jacobucci

By Natasha Ganes

ValleyCrest Design Group Art Show in Irvine, CA
ValleyCrest Design Group Art Show in Irvine, CA


ValleyCrest Design Group of Orange County has been keeping a pretty big secret and they’re finally ready to spill it – to a select few, that is. Until recently, the studio in Irvine, CA, operated like any other excellent design company: creating award-winning landscape architecture and master plans for their clientele. Recently though, the firm of 50+ employees decided their collective abilities to create fantastic designs for their clients wasn’t enough, and what started out as a casual conversation between a couple of coworkers turned into an incredible art show with submissions from over 20 employees. Paintings, pottery, sketches, photography, comics, horticulture, furniture – you name it, the employees of ValleyCrest create it.

While it’s no surprise that a team of people who create and design for a living come from artistic backgrounds, what is amazing is that so many of them continue to produce (and often sell) their personal artwork in their spare time. And more so than that – these VC guys and gals are seriously good artists. If their personal works of art are any indication, it’s no wonder they win awards for their landscape designs.

The private art show took place at the end of September and I was lucky enough to snag a ticket in. Take a look below at the images of the works from the show and see if you don’t agree with my assessment on the team’s artistic talents. Fair warning though: this is probably the closest you’ll get to viewing the collection as a whole. While the firm does plan to continue their new art show tradition twice a year in the future, as of right now admission is invite-only and likely to stay that way.