You Say Thira, I Say Santorini. It's All Greece to Me.

T’s Travel Tips aka photography and somewhat obscure memoir musings by Natasha Ganes



For number one


Jet lag leaves you beyond delirious by the time you mosh pit hug the friends you haven’t seen in forever, but the high of being with them, 100 laps in the resort pool, and spectacular sights of volcanic craters in the distance keeps you going for hours.


From Sailboat


Many believe you’re in the land of Plato’s lost Atlantis. Possible, but as you sail the azure sea the only thing most certainly lost is your sense of time and responsibility.




In the inescapable heat, people live at the top of that trail and the only way they’re getting to the bottom is by foot or donkey. Cue “Honey, I’m heading to the store for a loaf of bread. Be back tomorrow” jokes.


Accidental Heart in Santorini


Known as the “Island of Love,” it’s no wonder Santorini hosts so many destination weddings. You ought to know – it’s the reason you’re here. Not for your own, yet, but between the Greek wannabe god working behind the bar and the adorable stepbrother of the bride, you’ll have plenty of romantic encounters on this trip. Accidental heart included free of charge.




Legend has it that when the sun goes down on yet another blazing hot “can’t handle doing anything other than hanging in the pool on the lilo” day, the island’s own particular breed of vampire stalks their prey. You don’t see any of the vrykolakas during your stay, but you do spend an evening watching hundreds of bats screech their way across the black night sky, which definitely counts.