"Artist Unmoored" Flash Fiction by Elizabeth Brown

During our 2014 Summer Book Giveaway and Contests, Elizabeth Brown won a copy of Denise Stephenson’s novel, Isolation, for her flash fiction submission. The rules required that the entry either begin or conclude with the word “isolation” and Brown’s offering manages that element beautifully!

Elizabeth Brown
Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth Brown is a native of Connecticut and has short fiction published or forthcoming in TreeHouse, Sleet, The Milo Review, Pithead Chapel, Bartleby Snopes, and elsewhere. She has completed a literary dystopian novel and is currently at work on a paranormal series.

Read Elizabeth Brown’s Flash Fiction:

“Artist Unmoored”

Isolation, that’s where he is going if he keeps it up, the nurse said. No, you can’t do that, I thought, watching him pace, shake his hands, his head. Those are tics. He has autism. He is brilliant, not crazy. One day when he was making his graphic novel, barely fifteen-years old, he was approached by a New York CEO; she liked his work, gave him her number, told him to call and they could discuss concepts. He dropped her number on the floor of the car. I should tell the nurse. I should tell someone.


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