Becky Tracey's So You Want to Make a Post-it Book…

Becky Tracey 1Feeling crafty? Follow Becky Tracey’s colorful step-by-step guide and learn how to make your own Post-it Book!

Read here: So You Want to Make a Post-it Book by Becky Tracey

Poetry Bonus: Read Becky Tracey’s  (formerly Becky Broome) “Catharsis” here:

Tracey_Family_small_24Becky Tracey has one more semester to go before graduating from CSUSM with a bachelor’s degree in Literature & Writing. She intends to pursue an MA in Literature & Writing and, ultimately, get her MFA from a school she’s not yet decided on. She loves to read, write, drink whiskey, sing, and laugh until it hurts. Recently married, she and her husband, Joe, live in a small apartment in Oceanside, CA, where they routinely make each other laugh, cuddle with their dog, Lucy, and ponder the perfect burrito.