TreeHouse Turns One!

Dear Contributors and Readers,

Here it is already–our first anniversary. It’s amazing how much has happened with the TreeHouse site over the past year. When we first tossed around the idea of creating this virtual artistic space, it’s doubtful either of us had a solid idea of where the site would be in a year. Sure, we knew a site like TreeHouse had the potential for popularity (after all, what could be more convenient than visiting only one website to enjoy all forms of art?!) and was something we felt the world needed, but what should be and what materializes don’t always reconcile. Knowing that didn’t prevent us from trying, though, whether it’s because we never stopped believing in the idea of TreeHouse or because we’re both stubborn. Or most likely a bit of both. Luckily for us and TreeHouse, all of you decided to get behind this dream of ours and show your support.

It has been our great pleasure over the past year to showcase the work of so many wonderful artists from a variety of genres. We are truly grateful to everyone who has shared their talent, energy, and creations as well as to those who read our content and follow us through social media. As always, we look forward to continuing to receive your submissions and adding even more of you onto the site.

Cheers to many more years and great works to come!

Happy Climbing,

Natasha Ganes and Erin Whittinghill

TreeHouse Editors


P.S. Here is what some of our artists and readers are saying about the site. We hope you agree!

“I really enjoy reading the posts on the TreeHouse site. The articles are engaging, detailed and raw. It is a very gratifying and an enjoyable experience to read not only what other creatives are creating but also the journey that got them there. Support the arts!” Sergio S., Graphic Designer and TreeHouse follower

“Treehouse is a fresh, well-designed website designed to introduce emerging artists, writers, musicians, etc. to the public. A website like this is welcome news to creative types looking for a way to advertise their craft to the public. For the sake of these artists and all the rest of us looking to discover and support them, Treehouse is one of the best things to come down the pike in years!” Matthew A., Musician and TreeHouse follower

“No matter what form—whether it be music, words, pictures, film, or anything at all—art is everywhere and it keeps us alive. A place like Treehouse is a wonderful, vital place not just for the artists who sustain it, but for everyone who takes part in enjoying each form in its uniqueness. I am thankful Treehouse helped to spread the word about my work, and I am excited to learn about and celebrate each branch of art as we continue to collectively inspire, together.” Danielle Soucy Mills, Author and Featured Artist on TreeHouse

“I love TreeHouse – this website has been a great starting foundation to expand my music as well as my story, I feel blessed knowing that great people are making positive entities like TreeHouse to help others.” Jay Cast, Musician and Featured Artist on TreeHouse