TreeHouse Featured Artist Follow Up: Denise Stephenson and Isolation

Isolation by Denise Stephenson

Author Denise Stephenson’s novel, Isolation, is now available for purchase at The TreeHouse editors caught up with the busy writer for a quick update before she embarks on both a well-deserved vacation and a blog tour to promote her book.

TreeHouse: How does it feel to have your first novel completed and available for sale?

Denise Stephenson: There have been many, many, many stages in publishing this novel. Writing, revising, running a successful Kickstarter, answering millions of questions about me, a cover design, layout… It’s felt endless. But when the “look inside” appeared on Amazon’s website, even before the search engine could find it, I was elated! It may be a sad commentary on the commercialism of becoming a novelist, but appearance on Amazon has been the most exciting moment so far.

TH: What will you do to celebrate?

DS: I’ve been asked if I’ll have a book signing, and to be honest, that hadn’t occurred to me. It’s a great idea. For now, I’ve celebrated by posting my elation on Facebook (social media marketing is my latest learning curve on an upward swing), by going out with my forever editor, and by begging early readers for review postings. Eclectic and so me. I’m also heading for Rome and Venice in a month which will be a great celebration before returning to a blog tour starting mid-June.

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 Denise Stephenson
Denise Stephenson

Denise Stephenson lives in Oceanside, California, and serves as the Writing Center Director for MiraCosta College. She took her PhD in American Studies from the University of New Mexico. She wrote her dissertation about emerging forms of academic writing because she was angry with a professor who said she couldn’t write. Staying inside of boxes or forms has never been her strength. Over the years, she’s published over 20 academic articles and book chapters, many of which stray from traditional conventions. In Michigan, just before the turn of the century, she started writing monologues for her theatre company, Attention Deficit Drama. She’s also written, produced, acted in, and teched plays, including her all-time favorite, Voices From the Edge, a group of intercut monologues of loss following the falling of the World Trade Towers. Stephenson loves to collaborate and many of her academic and theatre works are co-authored. Recently, a group of theatre students at CSU, Channel Islands gave a staged reading of Hibakusha, a play about nuclear disasters which she wrote with Bob Mayberry. She hopes to one day see it performed on stage.

Stephenson’s novel, Isolation, is her first piece of fiction to pass seven pages. Sometimes she feels like she’s living inside the dystopic world she created, and then she remembers that it begins in the present where bacterial-tainted food can kill people. For over a decade, Denise has also been a book artist (

In the summer of 2011, she spent two weeks at Penland School of Craft outside Asheville, North Carolina, where she created her first letterpress book, What She Said ( The book has been in three national shows, will be shown in a published collection later this year from Lark Press, and one copy was purchased by the Yale Library Special Collections. With What She Said, Denise feels she’s arrived as a book artist!