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Jahron Castillo, also known as J.Cast, was born in Brooklyn, New York on June 28th, 1990 and shows a great example of selflessness, hard work, and dedication. He started out in the entertainment business by entertaining his family and friends at a young age. With a hard-working mother who continues to be very supportive of Cast’s achievements, his childhood was spent traveling due to his stepfather’s military career. He has lived in Virginia Beach, Yokosuka, Japan, Hawaii, and California. Adapting to each environment, Cast has always remained on top of his game by completing school, marketing his talents, and networking.

Growing up Cast couldn’t find his place, and although he has always had the potential for anything he put his mind to, the only thing that made a huge impact on his life was music. He grew up listening to Lil Bow Wow, 112, Temptations, Pusha T, Camron, Nas, Lil Wayne, Freddy Jackson, silk, R. Kelly, Usher Raymond, and many more hip hop and R&B artists. As he grew, so did his outlook for other genres of music.

Cast’s first published song was “Break It Down” (YouTube). Recorded on a home based studio program called “Audacity,” a friend of the family took a listen to his song and introduced Cast to a producer that had a professional studio built in his home for a more quality sound upgrade. Later a local event promoter in Hawaii, named “Micah Banks,” told Cast that if he could come up with a mixed down song by the specified deadline he could perform the next event. Mission Accomplished! By his 14th birthday he was performing professional music for the friends and family he cares about at schools, parties, clubs, and local fairgrounds. Of his success, Cast says, “I’m not here to just satisfy me by telling the world my story, but to show the young community that anything is possible once you believe in yourself and keep with your goal.”