“Finding Your True Self”: An Interview Series with Author Nick Quartarone, Part 4

Nick Quartarone

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Welcome to “Finding Your True Self,” an interview series (read part one, part two, and part three) between TreeHouse editor Natasha Ganes and upcoming author Nick Quartarone. Quartarone is in the process of writing a book based on spirituality practices that he applies to his everyday life in order to achieve an almost constant level of peace and harmony in this often chaotic world. He refers to his practices as “finding your true self” and teaches that everyone has the ability to find the same sense of wellbeing in their lives.

Natasha Ganes: Let’s get back to the subject of your book. The spiritual self-help market seems fairly crowded anymore. What do you feel differentiates your book from all of the others out there?

Nick Quartarone: The three bodies. People focus so much on one aspect of themselves that they associate this type of market with ideas like, “oh I practiced this new technique and it’s great or this new meditation makes me feel really centered.” However, they don’t know how to apply it to their whole selves. They don’t understand how to purify everything, all aspects of their being. People take these types of concepts and try to direct it to just one part of their being or they meditate and keep it to themselves, but that’s not what all of this is about. This is about a lifestyle, this is about changing the world, the entire planet.

You don’t have to live on a mountain and become a hermit to achieve long life with this type of pure mindset. You can function right here in Western society while doing it. The system wants people to become dependent, but if you stop being dependent you become free.  And with that freedom you become powerful. Once you find this way of living, you need to talk to others about all of it and spread the message.

NG: So then you suggest that people not just practice a certain way of living, but also share it?

NQ: Absolutely. That’s what this is all about: connecting.  And that’s exactly one of the qualms I have with this stuff and one of the reasons I wanted to write the book so badly. You have to get the word out to anyone who doesn’t know about it, be that shining light in the darkness. Don’t let this become just a fad or something you do part time only around people who happen to already get it. Don’t let it disappear just because adversity comes from society. Anytime you have something outside of yourself that is dependency, like society or drugs and alcohol, you lose control.

Anything that takes you away from your essence, your purity, will make you lose your control on this lifestyle. Whether it’s a bad relationship or job or what have you, don’t let it take you away. Instead, share it. Share it with the world because everyone is so desperate and dependent that they need it.

NG: In your book, do you break down exactly how to go about doing all of this?

NQ: As best as I can. I try to stay practical though, because I don’t want to lose my audience. Again, this is all about simplicity, it’s not complicated. The solutions are simple; the problems are what are complicated.

NG: You plan to have the book to ready by the end of this year. Do you have any long term media sharing plans? A website, videos, speaking at seminars, etc.?

NQ: Yes, I’m just staring to get that ball rolling. I want to promote this, share it, and help people. In the very long term, I’d like to create a facility. A place where people can go to practice all of this.

Nick Quartarone
Nick Quartarone

Nick Quartarone was born and educated in Boston, Massachusetts. He currently resides in Huntington Beach, CA. He has studied and practiced an array of spiritual practices that stem from around the world, particularly Eastern spiritual traditions such as Taoism and Buddhism, to a variety of Western mystical practices. Quartarone is currently working on a book about how to maximize your potential through purifying what he considers the three major parts of your being: the mind, body, and spirit. He emphasizes in his book and his teachings that working on the mind, body, and spirit simultaneously is the most efficient way one can truly and holistically maximize ones potential. Quartarone’s passion is sharing his experience and knowledge to help educate and guide all those who are interested in getting more out of life than what they have been previously exposed to by improving one self’s, peace, contentment, and happiness.