“Finding Your True Self”: An Interview Series with Author Nick Quartarone, Part 3


Welcome to “Finding Your True Self,” an interview series between TreeHouse editor Natasha Ganes and upcoming author Nick Quartarone. Quartarone is in the process of writing a book based on spirituality practices that he applies to his everyday life in order to achieve an almost constant level of peace and harmony in this often chaotic world. He refers to his practices as “finding your true self” and teaches that everyone has the ability to find the same sense of wellbeing in their lives.


Natasha Ganes: When it comes to meditation you say that practicing it plugs us into the divine source and because of that the process shouldn’t be about us, but in a way it still is because we’re still often stuck in our own heads. How can we keep ourselves connected to everything and everyone around us, but at the same time still keep ourselves connected to that divine source?

Nick Quartarone: It’s not easy, but you do the best you can and make it part of your life. It has to be a conscious effort on your part to say, “You know what? This is who I am.” Once you accept the fact that this is who you are, that you came into this life with purity and have to work to maintain it, it becomes part of your existence. And then everything that happens around you becomes the expression of that purity. Your foundation starts within you. And whatever happens outside of you is a reflection of that.

NG: That is interesting because I found that once I made the effort to position myself into a more harmonious place in my life, everything else just sort of followed along.

NQ: Synchronicities, exactly. It’s because when you connect on that level you’re locking into infinite possibilities. The most powerful thing in the world is God and maintaining this type of lifestyle gives you direct access to Him. The ocean is plentiful and will constantly provide you with everything you need.

It doesn’t mean, however, that just because you decide to follow this path that everything in your life will be great and perfect all the time. In reality, we’re here to learn and grow. Life is like a boot camp: you’re going to suffer, experience pain and fear and sadness. You’re going to feel all of that negativity. And you’re going to die at some point too. But once you accept that and realize nothing is constant, it becomes your enlightenment. Life is about learning to balance and harmonize with all of the energies, good and bad.

However, by plugging into the divine source you are minimizing the suffering you have to endure. We all suffer, but some of us do so more than others. And that’s because they’ve allowed it: they’ve allowed certain individuals into their lives; they’ve allowed themselves to be placed into chaotic situations. Excess suffering is useless. If you focus on who you are and what you are and why you’re doing it, you’re proving yourself with opportunities to grow. If you remove yourself from that focus, you remove yourself from the divine source and place yourself into more suffering.

Unplugging from the divine source is like dying in a way because the source is life. Detaching from the source is also how people get sick – mentally, physically, and spiritually. When that happens you need to recognize it, accept it, and find a way to get the good energy flowing back into you.

NG: This reminds me of an exercise that my close friend taught me awhile ago. She practices a lot of Reiki and meditation and says that she always goes into them first by keeping herself connected to and protected by God. She envisions herself swaddled by God, with only good energy coming in through the top of her head and any negative energy going out through her feet. I started doing something similar to that whenever I was heading into a situation that might make me nervous, such as speaking in front of a crowd, and it really does work to calm me down.

NQ: Exactly! There are so many great techniques and practices out there and that’s really what it’s all about. It almost should be common sense to everybody, but for some reason everybody isn’t using it. The concepts are so simple, but yet the benefits are so profound. The problem is always so complicated, but the solution is always so simple. People create so much unnecessary distraction they can’t tell their asses from their elbows, it’s just the way it is.

NG: I’ve been noticing lately that I’m seeing more and more articles and information about spirituality and the likes. Of course it always been around, but I’m finding more acceptance of it lately. It almost seems like we’re turning back to the New Age movement of the 60s and 70s. Do you think we’re returning to this type of thought process because people are slowly realizing this is how we should be living? Perhaps, thanks to all the overwhelming anxiety and stress going on in the world, we’re starting to understand something has to change?

NQ: When people create so much chaos around them, it eventually forces them to reflect and to go back to the innocence and purity we are all born with. We start to think, “Where did I go wrong? What happened to me?” I always do that – retrace my steps to find out how I got to this place. I think now people on a global level are asking these same questions. “What the hell did we do wrong here? Why are we destroying this planet?”

I think on many different levels people are being forced to awaken within themselves. However, we’re doing everything after the fact. If you practice staying connected to the divine source all the time, you are practicing prevention and learning how to truly live.


Nick Quartarone
Nick Quartarone

Nick Quartarone was born and educated in Boston, Massachusetts. He currently resides in Huntington Beach, CA. He has studied and practiced an array of spiritual practices that stem from around the world, particularly Eastern spiritual traditions such as Taoism and Buddhism, to a variety of Western mystical practices. Quartarone is currently working on a book about how to maximize your potential through purifying what he considers the three major parts of your being: the mind, body, and spirit. He emphasizes in his book and his teachings that working on the mind, body, and spirit simultaneously is the most efficient way one can truly and holistically maximize ones potential. Quartarone’s passion is sharing his experience and knowledge to help educate and guide all those who are interested in getting more out of life than what they have been previously exposed to by improving one self’s, peace, contentment, and happiness.




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