Photography by David Muesbeck, David Daniel Photography

Adobe Fence by David Muesbeck
David Muesbeck, David Daniel Photography
David Muesbeck, David Daniel Photography

About David Muesbeck:

I was born and raised in Green Bay, WI. After high school I joined the Navy and was lucky enough to get stationed in Coronado, CA. After my 4 years of service, I took a job in Orange County, CA. I have now been living in Southern California for 12 years, and I love every minute of it (well besides the frustrating nonstop traffic jams!).

I work for a Hydrogen Fuel Cell company as a Field Service Technician. This is the job that pays the bills. My photography hobby is what I enjoy doing the most. The majority of my life I have owned cheap point and shoot cameras. They did the job for what I needed at the time. For my high school graduation gift, I received a Nikon 35mm Film SLR.  In 2011, I received a Canon Powershot SX150 IS for Christmas. Even though this camera was not a DSLR (which I always wanted, but never acted on because of price and size) it took amazing photos. It did have a lot of similar settings as a DLSR. Finally in 2012, I saw a Black Friday special and decided to upgrade and advance my hobby.  I bought a Canon EOS Rebel T3i Kit. The camera came with a Canon IS 18-55mm and Canon IS 55-250mm lens. So far, this camera is amazing and I have no complaints.

Within a few weeks of getting the camera, I learned a basic knowledge of all the different settings. I read the entire camera manual several times and watched a Rebel T3i DVD.  I practiced Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, etc. I also took some classes to advance my knowledge and make my pictures look outstanding.

I enjoy shooting mostly landscapes, capturing the beauty that was created on this earth. I also love to shoot macro/close up images as well as wildlife. I am currently working on perfecting people and pet portraits, as this is another photography field I would like to get into.

Hiking is my next favorite hobby. Photography and Hiking go together great. The majority of my photos I take are while Hiking on the weekends with my beautiful fiancé, Jenelle and our two dogs, Zoe & Oscar.  I like to explore all the different outdoor settings, high peaks, canyons, beaches, wetlands, parks, etc.

I hope you enjoy my photos. All photos posted are my own. They are completely natural or slightly edited to enhance colors and to give the photo a little extra “kick.” Overtime my goal will be to make these photos better and to sell as many of them as I can. So far, I think my photos are pretty outstanding for having little experience.

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