Interview with Singer/Song Writer Mandy Ringdal, TreeHouse’s Artist of the Month

Mandy Ringdal, Musician

Mandy Ringdal is a singer/songwriter from Hawarden, Saskatchewan, Canada. She always felt the need to make and sing music, but circumstances and life in general led her down several different paths before she found her way back to music approximately two years ago. She wrote her first song at 13 years of age about her trusty pair of Wrangler Jeans, and followed this with many poems and other literary works. She used writing as a creative outlet for her thoughts and feelings, and often found that in difficult times it was writing that helped get her through.

For several years she focused on getting an education as a biologist and nurse until a life changing diagnosis sent her on a different path. She moved back to the country after years of feeling unsettled in the city. It was during this time that she taught herself to play guitar and dove into song writing. She felt like she had found her calling and the songs began to pour out. Not long after this, she began to sing for whoever would listen and has been performing as often as possible since then.

Mandy began recording her first album in March of 2012. Titled Somethin’ ‘Bout a Song, it contains 10 of her original songs. It was completed in June 2013. She recorded a second album in April 2013. Titled A Glimpse, the album contains three original songs and was completed in June of 2013 as well.

In the spring of 2013 she competed in the CKRM Big Country Talent Show and made the top 10. She followed this with a performance at Casino Regina, and appeared at the 2013 Craven Country Jamboree in July on the main stage.

On August 21st, 2013 she had her first live radio interview with Colin Lovequist at 620 CKRM in Regina, Saskatchewan. Following this, CKRM added her single “Alive at 25” to their rotation, and it has been receiving airplay since. She had her second interview on Regina’s public radio station, 91.3, in September and was a guest on their show, Pickin’ it Country.

Mandy attended the 2013 CCMA Country Music Week in Edmonton as a delegate. She took in numerous seminars, songwriter’s cafes, performances, and receptions. Highlights of the week included seminars from Tom Jackson, who has worked with Taylor Swift as a performance coach, taking in the incredible talent of Canadian songwriters during the 3 songwriter’s cafes, watching Carolyn Dawn Johnson and Ian Tyson perform during the song writing showcase, “The Great Guitar Pull,” and taking in the numerous performances by talented Canadian artists.

Mandy’s debut album A Glimpse is now available on iTunes.

Interview with Mandy Ringdal

TreeHouse: The biographical information on your site mentions that in addition to writing music, you have also created “other literary works” including poetry. Are you still a creative writer within more than one genre?

Mandy Ringdal: I still like to write poetry although I mostly write songs now. I’m hoping to use some of the content from my older poems, and incorporate it into new songs. I also find myself writing “mantras” if that’s what you want to call them. They’re just some thoughts I put down on paper to come back to at times when I need to refocus my energy. I’ve recently turned one of these into a song as well. Seems I turn everything into a song these days!

TH: How much time are you able to devote to creating and playing your music? What are your other pursuits these days?

MR: I write songs as often as I can, which is limited by a busy schedule. I need a quiet environment and need to be in the right mood and not distracted to write. I need to make more time for this, especially if I’m going to take music seriously. Lately I’ve been writing a bit more, but not nearly enough. Over the last year it’s worked out to about 2-3 days a month where I will write a bit. I play my guitar at least 4 times a week, which also needs to be more! My other pursuits are my work as a nurse, working on the farm, and my garden. I’ve been busy canning my garden harvest!

TH: Your songs seem as though they are quite personal. With regard to songwriting, what inspires you the most?

MR: My songs are very personal. My inspiration comes from losing my mother and sister in a car accident and my battle with cancer. They are both awful things, but I believe they have taught me a lot and have given me a great deal of insight.

TH: You have been rather successful of late with contests. What other events are coming up for you?

MR: I don’t have a lot of things coming up. I did a couple of radio interviews lately, and am hoping to book some gigs for the months to come. I’m in the process of finding a band so I can get playing!

TH: How well are tools such as social media and your recordings available on iTunes working with regard to helping you share your music with a broad audience?

MR: Social media and iTunes have been amazing tools for sharing my work. Without them, I don’t think there would be too many people who know I even make music!

TH: What’s next for you? More songs? An album?

MR: I am going to write, and write, and keep writing. You never know when the really good songs will come out. Making an album is very expensive, but I hope to make another one someday. I also will be taking more guitar lessons to improve my playing and develop a bit of finesse.

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Living in a Boler by Mandy Ringdal

Alive at 25 by Mandy Ringdal

Her Protector by Mandy Ringdal

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