Read Adreyo Sen’s new short story, The Headmistress

The Headmistress by Adreyo Sen


Adreyo Sen resides in Kolkata, India. He is pursuing his MFA degree at Stony Brook, Southampton. His work has been published in Danse Macabre and Kritya, among others.

Dreaming of Snow by Raiana Golden

Dreaming of Snow by Raiana Golden


Raiana Golden

Raiana Golden

Raiana Golden is an avid world traveler, observer, and experiencer of life. Having worn many hats, including professional yacht refinisher, teamster dispatcher, tech writer, salon owner and IT project manager, she is now exploring and sharing her life’s adventures and observations through her own writing.

Some favorite pastimes:

Pushing boundaries and perceived limits – challenging preconceived notions of what is possible. “A belief is a theory yet to be disproven” is her mantra. We all believed the world was flat until it wasn’t…

Exploring different cultures – micro and macro. Talking to people – anyone really – and learning about them. The bus boy in the alley with his cat in a tiny Japanese town, the lady with an odd, very specific drink order in the Caribbean, the old guy on a San Remo pier with an umbrella on a sunny day. Looking for the compelling in the not so obvious places.

And collecting shoes…

Raiana is currently working on a generational memoir based on the discovery of a collection of her mother’s handwritten poetry and travel journal 21 years after her death together with the carefully typed transcriptions by her grandmother – the working title is “The Inheritance.” You can enjoy more of her poetry, ruminations and travel stories at

“Next Stop Is Derry. Londonderry.”

T’s Travel Tips aka photography and somewhat obscure memoir musings by Natasha Ganes



Dark Hedges of Ballymoney


They’re called the Dark Hedges of Ballymoney, but only allude to the night during an overcast day. Their thick safety does nothing to protect you from the relentless rain – you’re soaked within seconds. It doesn’t matter because you’re in Ireland on a holiday high.


Peace Walls in Belfast


A black taxi tour in Belfast will take you to the peace walls running along narrow, busy roads. You could spend hours reading the advice of outsiders, but you’ll get mere moments. “Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values.” Wise man, that Dalai Lama.


Kite from Coastal Train Ride


From a speeding train’s window, you snap a shot just as the wind steals a man’s kite and launches it into the cloudy sky. Maybe it flies free forever or perhaps it plummets into the sandy beach seconds later; you’ll never know because the scenery has already changed.


Field of Gold in Northern Ireland


In the midst of all that green (endless citron/cyan/celadon/emerald/forest/hunter/lime) a field of bright gold appears. The sudden contrast takes your breath away, reminds you of home, makes you grin. You’ve already seen more than most.


Tide Pools in Giants Causeway


Smugly tucked between the giant columns of basalt little worlds thrive, stepped over by tourists, ignored by the howling winds, assured of their safety.


Carrick a Rede Rope Bridge


It’s a 98 foot drop from the swinging rope bridge to the icy waters below, but you won’t fall because you’re on holiday and besides the guide swears no one has, “at least this year.” You believe him and jump your way across with abandon.


Accidental Heart at Dunluce Castle


At Dunluce Castle your phone drops to the ground and on your way up from retrieving it you find an accidental heart. Imperfect perhaps, but there nevertheless. The clichés of lucky in love mix with the luck of the Irish. It’s all coming together now.




You Say Thira, I Say Santorini. It’s All Greece to Me.

You Say Thira, I Say Santorini. It’s All Greece to Me.

T’s Travel Tips aka photography and somewhat obscure memoir musings by Natasha Ganes



For number one


Jet lag leaves you beyond delirious by the time you mosh pit hug the friends you haven’t seen in forever, but the high of being with them, 100 laps in the resort pool, and spectacular sights of volcanic craters in the distance keeps you going for hours.


From Sailboat


Many believe you’re in the land of Plato’s lost Atlantis. Possible, but as you sail the azure sea the only thing most certainly lost is your sense of time and responsibility.




In the inescapable heat, people live at the top of that trail and the only way they’re getting to the bottom is by foot or donkey. Cue “Honey, I’m heading to the store for a loaf of bread. Be back tomorrow” jokes.


Accidental Heart in Santorini


Known as the “Island of Love,” it’s no wonder Santorini hosts so many destination weddings. You ought to know – it’s the reason you’re here. Not for your own, yet, but between the Greek wannabe god working behind the bar and the adorable stepbrother of the bride, you’ll have plenty of romantic encounters on this trip. Accidental heart included free of charge.




Legend has it that when the sun goes down on yet another blazing hot “can’t handle doing anything other than hanging in the pool on the lilo” day, the island’s own particular breed of vampire stalks their prey. You don’t see any of the vrykolakas during your stay, but you do spend an evening watching hundreds of bats screech their way across the black night sky, which definitely counts.